Upgrading battery cell cycler software

One may encounter the problem that battery cell cycler software upgrade is needed but there are still tests ongoing on the channels of the battery cell cyclers. Actually the software could be upgraded without losing all the settings. After the upgrade, the ongoing tests can be resumed. You don’t need to restart the battery cyclers or the computer manually.

  1. Download the latest software for the battery cell cycler
  2. Pause all the ongoing tests
  3. Turn off the LandMon software
  4. Click “Setup” to install the latest software for the battery test system, use the same directory as the old installation (normally C:\Land\). The new installation will overlap some of the old programs, such as LandMon, LandCali, etc.
  5. After successful installation, start the LandMon program.
  6. Resume all the tests one by one. All the tests should resume with the setting scheduled before the upgrade.