PTFE Binder for Lithium-ion Batteries, 100g


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POLYFLON PTFE D-210C Dispersion is an opalescent water liquid in which PTFE fine particles (60% by weight) are dispersed. It is suitable for a wide range of applications such as glass cloth impregnation and battery binder.

  • POLYFLON PTFE D-210C is a milky white aqueous dispersion with polytetrafluoroethylene polymer particles stabilized with nonionic surfactant without PFOA.
  • It is suitable for applications that require a filler to a dispersion like a binder of batteries.
  • It adopts a more environmentally friendly surfactant than conventional ones.

General Physical Properties

ItemUnitNumeric ValueTest Method
Solid Contentmass%60ASTM D 4441
Specific Gravity @25℃1.52ASTM D 4441
Surfactant Contentmass%/P6.0ASTM D 4441
Average Particle Sizeμm0.25Internal Method
pH @25℃9.7JIS K 6893
Viscosity @25℃cP26ASTM D 4441
The above numeric values are representative and not guaranteed.


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