Alkaline Mercurous Oxide Electrode


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Hg/HgO reference electrode consists of Hg/HgO in 1M KOH solution. The electrode is used in the alkaline environment.

HgO + H2O + 2e = Hg + 2OH-,  E = 0.098V vs. NHE at 25 degree C.

Users can change the solution by taking off the side cover.


  • Electrode impedance: <10KΩ
  • Potential at 25℃: 0.098V
  • Flow rate at the interface: 1drop/10min
  • The solution in the salt bridge: 1M KOH


  1. Take off the rubber covering the Hg/HgO reference electrode interface before use.
  2. There shouldn’t be any air bubbles in the solution in the salt bridge, otherwise, the measuring circuit may be blocked. Please remove any air bubbles before first use. (shake the electrode)
  3. The level of solution in the salt bridge should be higher than that of the sample solution.
  4. Store the electrode in alkaline solution.
  5. Replace with solution in the salt bridge regularly and clean the inside wall of the electrode.
Hg/HgO Electrode
Hg/HgO Electrode

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