MCMB Graphite Powder, 500g


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MCMB (MesoCarbon MicroBeads) Graphite Powder with a highly crystalline graphite structure in the form of mesophase spheres (spherocrystals) and in bulk mesophase state are manufactured from coal tar. With the demanding capacity and durability of Li-ion rechargeable batteries for PCs, smartphones, and mobile devices, this material has earned a reputation as an excellent material for high-capacity and durable anode.


D50 (um)23.8 
BET (m2/g)0.76 
Tap density (g/cm3)1.42 
Capacity (mAh/g)345.8 
Voltage cut-off (V)0.005~2.0v 
Test Condition25℃ 0.1C 0.005~2.0v 

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