Battery Test Systems for Energy Materials Research

Landt CT3002A/CT2001A/CT3001A Battery Test Systems are designed for energy storage materials research and various battery tests. Each tester has eight independent channels. They can be programmed to run automatic constant current charge and discharge test and cycle life test. With current/voltage custom-built (current ranges from 1 mA to 5 A, voltage ranges from 5V to 15V), the battery test systems can run precise battery charge/discharge tests in most cases of coin cell test/half cell test, pouch cell test, cylindrical cell test (18650 & 21700 cells).

The control software comes free with the battery test system. It has a friendly interface, which allows new users to operate with minimal training. Besides, data process software shows different kinds of plots for specified cycles (Voltage vs. Capacity, Capacity vs. Cycle Number, Efficiency, etc.), and the data can be easily exported with simply “Copy” and “Paste”.

Since Jan 2021 we have upgraded CT2001A/CT3001A with CT3002A models, which have a higher sampling rate (up to 10 pts/s), better reliability, and better accuracy at low current. The classic CT2001A has been discontinued.

Battery Test System CT3002A
Battery Test System CT3002A
(for Current FS 200mA and above, 18”x13”x4”, 26~40 lbs)

Battery Test System CT3002AU
Battery Test System CT3002AU
(for Current FS 1mA & 100mA, 18”x9”x2”, ~11 lbs)


  • High-precision battery test systems with 8 channels designed for electrochemical materials research and battery charge/discharge tests
  • 8 independence channels with each can be set as Constant-Current (CC) Discharge, Constant-Current (CC) Charge, Constant-Voltage (CV) Charge, Cycling loops, etc.
  • Single current range for CT3001A and double current ranges for CT3002A (1mA/10mA, 10mA/100mA, 2mA/20mA, 5mA/50mA, 100mA/1A, 500mA/5A, etc.)
  • Independent current source and voltage control for every channel
  • RS232/422 ports for efficient and reliable communications, very easy to set up
  • LandtMon software for scheduling a test and monitoring the data
  • Separate data process software, small but powerful
  • Data automatically backed-up on the hard drive or an external drive
  • Full safety protections for all the channels
  • Capable to control up to 20 battery test systems (160 Channels) with one computer
  • Custom current/voltage ranges available up request

Typical CT3002A/CT3002AU/CT3002C Models

ModelCurrent RangesWorking CurrentWorking VoltageNumber of Channels

[1] Regular models discharge to 1.5 Volt. Custom models can discharge to 0 Volt.

Channel Specifications:

Current Accuracy (control and measurement)Maximum error:  ± 0.05% Full Scale 
Typical: ± 0.03% Full Scale
Voltage Accuracy (control and measurement)Maximum error: ± 0.05% Full Scale  
Typical: ± 0.03% Full Scale
Data Record Frequency10 Hz (10 pts/s)
ProtectionTop Voltage Limit, Lower Voltage Limit,
Top Current Limit, Lower Current Limit


  • Coin cell/button cell/half cell test
  • Swagelok cell test
  • Pouch cell test
  • Cylindrical cell test (18650/21700)
  • Flow cell test
  • Lithium-ion, Sodium-ion, and other battery chemistries

Components and Accessories:

Computer:One PC can control up to 20 units of the battery test systems (160 channels)
SoftwareSeparate data acquisition and data analysis software
Starter Guide and Instruction ManualElectronic version available for download
Power Cord:One for each unit, 5 port power cord available
Interface Cable/Electrode LeadsFour-electrode clips and coin cell clips are the standard configurations for coin cell tests;
Pouch cell clips optional; custom cell leads available with minimum cost

Cell leads


Moveable rack with 10 shelves$798.00 each, capable of hosting up to 10 CT2001A/C battery test system units
Temperature Monitor Channels8/16 independent sensor electrodes, compatible with the data acquisition software