Battery Test Chambers



LBI environmental chamber is a test chamber designed for battery tests at various temperatures, compatible with the Landt Battery Test Systems. The chamber comes with customized battery hosting racks and multiple protections on the temperature control. It is used for long-span constant-temperature test of batteries.


  • Access ports with a diameter of 10cm, one each on the left and right
  • Pouch/Coin cell clips fixed on insulating epoxy and steel racks, ready for batteries
  • Stainless steel inside. Racks can be re-installed at different levels
  • Micro-circulation of the air inside to maintain a uniform temperature
  • Power strip and LED light inside the chamber
  • Tempered glass as the observed window
  • Magnetic door seal
  • Power leakage protection
  • Intelligent temperature control with the latest microcomputer
  • Auxiliary thermostat to ensure the proper temperature in the event that the main temperature control fails
  • RS485 port to communicate with the computer. Temperature data can be recorded
Battery Test Chamber LBI


80 Liter, 300 Liter, 400 Liter