Battery module/battery pack test

Battery module tester CT3002N
Battery test system CT3002N
Battery pack tester CT3002D
Battery test system CT3002D

The battery test system CT3002N and CT3002D provide solutions for battery module/battery pack tests with higher current/voltage. They can also be used in situations where batteries are charged/discharged at high rates. Different current/voltage ranges and channel numbers can be custom-made based on the requirement.


  • High-precision battery test systems with 1/2/4/8 channels designed for power cell tests, battery module, and battery pack tests
  • Independence channels with each can be set as Constant-Current Discharge (CCD), Constant-Current Charge (CCC), Constant-Voltage Charge (CVC), Cycling loops, etc.
  • RS422 ports for efficient and reliable communications, very easy to set up
  • Share the same software and connections with CT3002A/C
  • Powerful data process software which can be used offline
  • Data automatically backed up on the hard drive or an external drive
  • Safety protections for all channels
  • Custom current/voltage ranges available upon request, current up to 100 ample and voltage up to 300 volt


Current range10A/20A/40A/50A/60A & more options
Voltage range5V/10V/20V & more options
Number of channels 1/2/4/8
Working modeCCC: Constant Current Charge
CCD: Constant Current Discharge
CVC: Constant Voltage Charge
CPD: Constant Power Discharge
CRD: Constant Resistance Discharge,
CC-Rate, DC-Rate, DCIR, Rest
Cut-off conditiontime, voltage, current, capacity, △V, etc., nearly 20
Voltage accuracy 0.05%RD±0.05%FS(control and measurement)
Current accuracy0.05%RD±0.05%FS(control and measurement)
Constant power/resistance accuracy0.2%RD+0.2%FS(control)
Power supplyAC220V 50Hz/110V 60Hz
Input powerup to 3000W
Dimension23*16*5 in for CT3002N
24*22*10 in for CT3002D
ApplicationBattery module test, battery pack test, battery power test


Auxiliary channels are available such as additional voltage monitoring channels and temperature monitoring channels. They are integrated into the battery test systems and show the status of individual cells during the charge and discharge of the battery module/pack.

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