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Propylene carbonate (PC) is another important cyclic carbonate solvent in Lithium-ion Batteries (LIB) Electrolyte. This carbonate improves the high-temperature performance of LIB but more PC deteriorates the cycling and rate capability of LIB due to its incompatibility to the graphite. Similar to ethylene carbonate, PC has a high boiling point, high viscosity, and high dielectric constant. The viscosity of PC is the highest among commonly used organic carbonates, which lowers the ionic mobility and conductivity of the electrolyte. Therefore, Propylene Carbonate takes less than 5% in most of the commercial LIB electrolytes. It is not a necessary component in LIB electrolytes.


Chemical NamePropylene carbonate
Molecular formulaC4H6O3
Molecular weight102.09
Melting point-55 Degree C
Boiling point240 Degree C (lit.)
Flash point270 Degree F
Formclear liquid
Colorcolorless, clear

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This electrolyte solution or lithium salt sample is packaged in fluorinated HDPE/aluminum bottles with moisture strictly controlled (normally less than 20 ppm). The bottle is tightly closed and sealed with an aluminum bag. Please handle it and store it in a glovebox with inert atmosphere or a dry room. Avoid from high-temperature heating or igniting. LIB electrolyte should be stored in a PE or Teflon (PTFE) sample bottle but not a glass bottle.

Lithium electrolyte materials are very sensitive even sealed and stored in an inert atmosphere. We suggest replacing the electrolyte with fresh samples every 6 months.


Landt Instruments partners with leading suppliers of Lithium-ion Battery Electrolyte manufacturers in China to provide fresh LIB electrolyte samples. Most of the products are freshly blended and packaged. The raw materials are also used for xEV battery manufacturing. Typical lead time is 2 weeks and delivery takes about a week for North American customers. International shipping is available. The estimated delivery date will be sent when the order is confirmed.

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